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Our Founder & Mission

In being named one of Atlanta's 30 under 30 non-profit leaders, our founder Ain Ealey gives Self Care a reboot through research and reclamation of Afro-indigenous philosophies. 

As a multi-passionate scholar-activist with a background in behavioral therapy and grassroots community organizing Ms. Ealey has directed her desire for equity and social justice to social entrepreneurship. 

A Loving Lens Inc, formerly the "SelfCare After Series" is a community intervention non-profit organization that
infuses social justice education with wellness. Ealey curates artistic immersive events and therapeutic, interactive workshops for marginalized communities.


“Self-care has been Europeanized and feminized. It is a tailored type of healing because it is costly. It’s what you do with expendable income.” Ealey created the Beloved's Box to make wellness accessible to Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC). 

Ealey created "I Luh u Bruh" boxes to normalize bonding and community among Black men. The box includes affirmations that speak to the Black male experience, grooming tools, moisturizing oil for beards, aromatherapy, and more. Ealey wants to incorporate small sandbags to help individuals settle their frustrations of the day. The concept was inspired by Ealey’s healthy platonic relationships with men, including her father, little brother, and male friends.

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